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Q: What is Direct Return To Merchant?

A: It allows you, as the sellers, to directly receive the return request from the buyer. Through ‘direct return to merchant,’ you can accept or reject a customer’s request.

Q: How can I know if my customer has a return request?

A: Step 1: Log in to ASC


Step 2: Go to Orders > Manage return orders


Q: What will happen if the buyer failed to respond within the given period (3 days)?

A: Lazada will take over the case and proceed with the resolution.


Return Process

Q: How do I process a return?


Step 1: Log in to ASC 


Step 2: Go to Orders > Manage return orders

Step 3: Choose the return request you need to work on


Step 4: Check the comment (and evidence) provided by the customer to support their request


Step 5: Give judgment (refund, return & refund, reject)

For any “Return initiated” item Choose 1 of the 3 actions

1.Refund only: Instant refund, No return required

2.Return & refund: Customer to return the item, perform Quality Check (QC) followed by accepting/reject the refund

3.Reject: Turn down the request

Q: How soon I should respond to my customer request?

A: 3 days upon submission of request

Q: What will happened if I failed to respond within 3 days?

A: Lazada takes over the case and proceeds with a dispute


Q: If I don’t agree with the customer's claim, what shall I do?

A: You may reject their request and provide an explanation (and proof) as to why you are not accepting their request.



Q: Can I contact the customer to gain clarity on their request?

A: Yes, you can reach the customer through the channels provided by Lazada (IM chat)



Reverse shipping fee will be borne by Lazada.


Q: Will there be an option for a partial refund?

A: Seller & buyer can negotiate, and refund amount can be partial/full. Customer to enter an amount to be refunded and if Seller is not agreeable, it can be rejected with reasons.


Q: How will seller ship back refund rejected packages?

A: Seller will have to arrange & send out the rejected items first. An amount can then be claimed from Lazada.



Replacement Process


Q: How do I process replacement?

A: Currently direct return to the merchant does not include replacement processing. If you agree with the customer for a replacement – this will be processed offline.


Tracking a Return

Q: Where I track the return items to me?

A: Log in to your ASC. Go to Order > Manage Orders > Returns Initiated and Return in Progress. Choose a particular return order.


Q: What will happen if return packages are lost by 3PL or status stuck in shipped?

A: Seller has an option to Confirm receipt & proceed with the QC for return packages that have been delivered but status not pushed to deliver. For lost packages, Lazada will set the status to lost package & return order will be canceled automatically. Customer will be refunded.

Q: What will happen to failed delivery packages?

A: All failed delivery packages will be sent back to customer & customer can file a dispute, if it’s within return policy. If dispute team find it’s a legitimate claim from the customer, they can allow refunds at their discretionary (Since failed delivery is due to 3PL or Sellers’ fault)

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