Why does Lazada update your SKUs’ stocks to 0 if your stocks are not updated more than 60 days?


  • We found that SKUs with stocks that are not updated for a long period tend to be cancelled due to Out Of Stock (OOS) resulting in a poor customer experience
  • We set the threshold at 60 days as data indicates a very high cancellation rate when stocks are not updated after 60 days

How is this exercise beneficial for you?

  • The objective of this exercise is to support you to keep stock data in seller center up to date
  • Some of you may forget to update stocks regularly, especially those SKUs with little or no sales on our platform
  • This exercise helps you as it actively prevents unnecessary cancellation penalties when orders come in and stock info is out of date
  • Lower cancellation will also improve your seller rating, leading to higher conversion rate of customers

What should you do to ensure that stocks won’t be put to 0?

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