What should I do once Lazada confirmed that I am eligible for FBL ?


You need to create a Fulfilment Order (FO) on Seller Center.

  1. Login to your Seller Center Account, click on the “Products” menu and select “Fulfillment by Lazada”.
  2. Select the tab “Send to Warehouse”.
  3. Choose “Create New Request” to create a FBL Fulfilment Order.
  4. You will arrive at a Fulfilment Order Request pop up window .
  5. Select the SKUs that you want to send to Lazada Fulfillment Center and specify the product quantity. Make sure you include all the SKUs you want to send us in one FO (do not create 1 FO per SKU).
  6. Select Delivery Type “Send to Lazada Warehouse”. Select the Arrival Date and Time of the stock to Lazada Fulfillment Center. Arrival date should be min. 3 days later.
  7. Click “Submit” to finish creating the Fulfilment Order Request. Don’t forget to click “Save Draft” regularly during the process.
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