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This article contains the frequently asked questions regarding our Agreement and Policies.  Click on one of the following questions to get more information:

Marketplace Agreement 

Seller Policy (New)

Lazada Singapore's policy on Pre-Owned and Refurbished Products

Lazada’s policy on Counterfeits, Replicas and Intellectual Property Infringement

Return Process and Policy

What is Lazada's customer return policy?

What do I do when an item is returned?

If I receive an invalid return, what do I do?

How do Lazada charged seller of shipping fee for a returned item?

New Sellers Assortment Limit

Notice on selling of Telecommunication Equipment


Marketplace Agreement

This is the agreement between a seller and Lazada. 

For more details of the SELLER AGREEMENT, you may download it here.

Marketplace Agreement 1 Nov 2018



Seller Policy (New)

 Seller Rewards Structure

Q: What are the various rewards available for Sellers?
A: Sellers can enjoy the following rewards on Lazada:

  • Higher ranking on product searches
  • Shipping and pricing subsidies
  • Participation in campaigns
  • Preferred Seller Programs

Q: How will my Seller Rating impact access to these rewards?
A: Seller rating is one of the many criteria used by Lazada to select sellers for the above rewards. Sellers are required to maintain a minimum of 30% positive seller ratings to be eligible for consideration for the rewards.

Q: How will Seller Rating impact the visibility of my products in search and browsing?
A: Sellers with a higher rating will enjoy higher visibility in search and browsing product ranking. Sellers below 30% positive seller ratings will have much lower visibility.

Q: How will Seller Rating impact my eligibility to any shipping or pricing subsidies offered by Lazada?            
A: Only sellers with Seller Rating of 30% and above will be eligible for consideration for the subsidies.

Q: How will Seller Rating impact my eligibility to participate in a campaign?     
A: Only sellers with Seller Rating of 30% or above will be eligible for consideration to participate in Lazada campaigns. However, certain campaigns might require an even higher Seller Rating to participate.

Q: How can I regain access to rewards if my Seller Rating falls below 30%?
A: Access for consideration will be restored when seller rating improves back to 30% and above.

Q: What will happen if I breach Lazada policies on Counterfeits, Replicas and other fraudulent items?
A: This could result in SKU or Shop deactivation. Please refer to Seller Agreement clause 16.3.

Seller Rating

Q: What is Seller Rating?
A: After purchasing a product, customers are prompted to rate the seller as positive, neutral or negative and write a review. This is in addition to the product rating and review.

Q: How is Seller Rating calculated?
A: Seller Rating is calculated as Total Positive Ratings divided by the Total Ratings. Cancellation due to seller default will be accumulated as Negative Ratings and be included in the Seller Rating calculation.

Q: What is the difference between % Positive Seller Ratings and "Your Rating" (currently seen on Seller Center home page)?
A: % Positive Seller Ratings will replace "Your Rating" (calculated based on fulfilment, cancellations and returns) which is currently seen in Seller Center home page


Q: Where can I see my ratings and reviews?
A:  (1) You can see them on Lazada website: under Seller profile page and product pages, which show your overall all time rating and individual reviews



(2) You can also see them on Lazada Seller Center: under home page, which shows your rating in the last 8 weeks (coming in Feb) and reviews in your 'Seller Inbox' (by end March). Evaluation will be based on this rating.


Q: Where can customers see my ratings and reviews?
A: Seller profile page and product pages shows your overall all time rating and individual reviews


Q: What will be shown if I have no ratings?
A: Your Seller Rating will be shown as “Not enough ratings”. Seller will still be considered for Seller rewards.

Q: I'm getting very few Seller Ratings. Do customers know about this?
A: Lazada sends email, App and Web push notifications to customers after their order is delivered to submit a review

Q: Can a customer who did not make a purchase rate a Seller?
A: No, only customers who have completed a purchase with a Seller can give a rating (Verified Purchase)

Q: How do we prevent competitor Sellers from buying products and giving bad ratings?
A: Lazada conducts spam verification for Verified Purchase to prevent fraud.

Q: Can I dispute a Seller Rating?
A: Yes, by contacting the Partner Support Center

Q: How can I improve my Seller Rating?
A: You can improve your seller rating by improving product quality levels, fulfilment speed and service level

You will be able to monitor these in the home page of Seller Center.


Q: If my seller rating falls below 30%, what can I do to for my products to get back high visibility?
A: Kindly refer below for the improvements you can do:

  • Improve product quality, ship faster and respond to buyer questions to increase your seller rating beyond 30% and be considered for eligibility to rewards
  • Utilize Lazada’s paid marketing tools like Sponsored products and vouchers to increase visibility of products


Product Quality

Q: How is my performance on product quality measured?
A:  Product quality is reflected in your product ratings and reviews. After purchasing a product, customers are prompted to rate the product on a scale of 1 to 5 and write a review.

Q: Where can I see my Product Ratings and Reviews?
A: You can view them on your product pages or seller profile page

Q: Does my Product Rating include Ratings for other sellers since my products are multi-sourced?
A: No, Product Ratings are exclusive to a specific Seller

Q: What is considered a Good Product Rating?
A: 4 stars and above

Q: What influences Product Quality level?
A: Product delivered matches the description on the website, functioning properly, delivered in good condition, no missing parts/accessories/free gifts

Q: How can I improve my Product Ratings?
A: Maintain good content quality, QC your products before delivery, use recommended packaging materials to avoid product damage. Please refer here.

Q: Can I dispute Product Rating?
A: Yes, by contacting the Partner Support Center



Q: How is my performance on fulfilment measured?
A: Performance on fulfilment is measured through 3 metrics - % shipped on time, % cancellations, % returns.

Q: What does % Shipped on time refer to?
A: Shipped on time refers to % of orders shipped in 2 working days for local sellers and 5 working days for crossborder sellers.  This excludes public holidays and weekends

Q: Where can I see these metrics?
A: All metrics are available in Seller Center Home Page

Q: Where can customers see these metrics?
A: This is available on the seller profile page (Link to screenshots in Help Center)



Q: How will I be penalized for low performance on these metrics?
A: There will not be any monetary penalties for low performance. However, a low performance on above metrics will lower your Seller Rating and might make you ineligible for rewards.

Q: What is OVL?
A: Please find more information in Lazada University, please click link.
In LU, please click Introduction to Order Volume Limit to download the deck.

Service Level

Q: How is my performance on service levels measured?
A: Performance on service levels is measured through 2 metrics – Buyer-seller Q&A response rate % and average response time

Q: Where can I see these metrics?
A: All metrics are available in the Seller Center Home Page

Q: Where can customers see these metrics?
A: Customers can view your Avg. Response Time on your product pages under the Q&A section

Q: How can I improve my service levels?
A: Respond to all questions asked by buyers as quickly as possible (within < 12 hrs is recommended)


Lazada Singapore's policy on Pre-Owned and Refurbished Products

To protect customers from purchasing damaged and/or faulty items, the sale of “used”, “pre-owned” or “second-hand” items is prohibited on Lazada Singapore. On the contrary, the sale “refurbished” items is permitted.

Distinguishing “Refurbished” Products

Refurbished products may also be pre-owned, but have been repaired and verified by the manufacturer’s own specialists or a repair center authorized by the manufacturer, certified to be fully functional, and resold with at least 3 months warranty.



Lazada’s policy on Counterfeits, Replicas and Intellectual Property Infringement

Counterfeits and Replicas

We take product authenticity very seriously. The sale of counterfeit products on the Lazada platforms, including any products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured, is strictly prohibited.

It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sell only authentic products and to immediately deactivate any product that is in violation of our guidelines:

1. Items that apply a trademark (e.g. a brand or character logo) on the product, the product packaging, or anywhere in relation with the product, without authorization by the trademark owner.
2. Items that contain specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colorways) protected by a trademark, without the authorization by the trademark owner.
3. Items that bear such similarities with other products that they are likely to deceive buyers into thinking they are made or sold by the owner of the other product's brand (e.g. a replica of a branded item with or without altered logos).
4. Items that are in violation of any local country laws in which they are sold

In case of doubt we advise you to talk to the manufacturer and/or distributor of the products, and to your legal advisors. Lazada will collaborate closely with brand owners, its customers and the authorities to prevent the sale of counterfeit items.


Other Intellectual Property Infringement

We aim to protect rights owners from copyright or trademark infringement. The unauthorized use of images and product photos from the rights owner is illegal and is strictly prohibited by Lazada.

It is each seller’s responsibility to use their own product images when creating a listing. If you wish to use someone else's photos and images, ensure you have permission from the rights owner or creator.



Return Process and Policy



What is Lazada's customer return policy?

All items sold on Lazada Singapore are covered under the "100% Buyer Protection" and/or "Satisfaction Guaranteed". The logo of either/both applied Return policy can be found on our website, on the item/product page. Depending on the applied Return policy, you may return your item to us within 7 or 14 calendar days. Countdown starts from the date the customer received the item to the time they fill out the Online Returns Form.


What do I do when an item is returned?

You will receive a return form with the item indicating the return reason. Sellers would have to accept the return, if they refuse to take the item, it will be treated as "abandon" by seller.

Based on Lazada seller agreement, all return items must be accepted. Lazada will investigate your claim, which takes an average of two weeks. In the event that you do not agree with the return,

Please fill out the Seller Claims Form. 

What information is required?

There are 12 fields that need to be filled in.

  1. Seller Center name - Name registered in Seller Center. This is not to be confused with your legal entity name.
  2. Seller Center ID - ID registered in Seller Center - e.g. SG****
  3. Email address and contact number
  4. Phone number - your contact number for our agent to contact you in future
  5. Order number - Order number of the returned item that you wish to claim for dispute. Please make sure that this detail is accurate. If you do not know the order number please contact our Partner Support Center. One claim is required for each order.
  6. Lazada SKU - SKU of the returned item. This is not to be confuse with your seller SKU.
  7. Item Price - Price of the item
  8. Item Returned Date - Date when item was returned to seller
  9. Where is the item now - current location of the item
  10. Reason for Return - Please choose the most appropriate reason for your claim.
  11. Claim Details - Any additional comments you wish us to know when we look into your case. It is advisable to give a detailed comment for our agent to understand the case better.
  12. Upload a file - Upload any pictures or files to support your claim. It is advisable that the more proof provided, the easier it will be for an agent to investigate on the issue.



If I receive an invalid return, what do I do?

Sellers can raise a dispute request immediately within 48hrs if in any case that they do not agree with the QC result upon receiving the return item. In the event that returns are defective, we advise you to fill out the Seller Claims Form. Lazada will investigate your claim, which takes an average of two weeks. If you do not receive any notification after two weeks, claims is deemed in your favor and payment will processed.


How do Lazada charged seller of shipping fee for a returned item?

Sellers are charged based on the dimension of the item maintained in the Seller Center.


You may reach out to our Partner Support Center via "Contact Us" or Chat.

Operation Hours : Monday - Friday ( 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM ) excluding Public Holidays


New Sellers Assortment

New sellers (signed up from 24th May onward) are limited to 500 active items until they reach 30 orders in 90 days.


How to remove this restriction?

Based on previous experiences, we noticed some behavior that will help to generate more sales.

With a limited number of assortments, you can improve product quality and provide better product details to customers. With more profound product details, both your search result and conversion rate have higher chances to go up. See more details of search result

In the meantime, below are some of the things you’re encouraged to do.

  1. Optimise your assortment
  • Deactivate low performing SKUs and replace them with ones you think will perform better. You can view various performance indicators of live assortment in Business Advisor. Check out the Business advisor link here.
  1. Utilise Variations
    1. This restriction is on Product- Products with multiple variations (e.g. Colors and sizes) will be counted as 1 product of your 500 product limit. Learn how to create variations properly here (slide 11).
  2. Fill up the attributes to improve findabilty via the deck here (slide 10).
  3. Improve images, description to increase conversion via the deck here (slide 9).

View link here to see best practice for product image!


Notice on selling of Telecommunication Equipment

Under the Telecommunications Act (the “Act”) and the Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations (the “Dealers Regulation”), any person who wishes to manufacture, import, let for hire, sell, or offer or possess for sale any telecommunication equipment (e.g. android TV boxes, mobile phones, tablets, walkie-talkies and wireless devices etc) must obtain the relevant dealer’s licence from IMDA.  Please note that it is an offence under the Act to offer for sale or sell telecommunication equipment without the requisite dealer’s licence.  


Those found guilty of offering for sale or selling telecommunication equipment without a dealer’s licence may be subject to a fine of up to S$10,000 and/or 3 years imprisonment.


Things to note before selling telecommunication equipment



  • There are two types of telecommunication dealer’s licence:
    • Dealer’s (Class) Licence – The licensee can sell (a) registered and approved telecommunication equipment (i.e. telecommunication equipment registered with and approved by IMDA) and (b) telecommunication equipment set out in the First Schedule of the Dealers Regulations. There is a one-time licence fee of S$50.  This licensee cannot sell non-registered telecommunication equipment.
    • Dealer’s (Individual) Licence – In addition to what the Dealer’s (Class) licensee can sell, the Dealer’s (Individual) licensee can also sell non-registered telecommunication equipment, but only for re-export purposes (e.g. sale of non-registered telecommunication equipment to tourists for use in other countries).  The licence fee is S$250 for 5 years. 



  • The dealer’s licensee will have to ensure that the telecommunication equipment complies with the relevant IMDA technical standards before registering the telecommunication equipment with IMDA.


  • If the telecommunication equipment offered for sale is not registered with IMDA, indicate clearly “For Export Only and not for use in Singapore” in the display or advertisements.


DECT Phones



Where sellers request to advertise these cordless phones, they shall be advised to publish an advisory in the advertisements, to alert customers: “Not for use in Singapore. For further information, please refer to this link.


Enquiry Contacts


  • For enquiries related to licence application, please call 6211 1950.
  • For enquiries related to equipment registration, please call 6211 1937.


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