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This article contains the frequently asked questions regarding product quality control on Seller Center. Click on one of the following questions to get more information:

Why are my products rejected as prohibited items?

What is the Quality Check (QC) process for my newly added or edited products?

Why are my products getting rejected?


Why are my products rejected as prohibited items?

There are a few reasons why products are rejected as prohibited items:

1. Product is classified as prohibited to be sold in Singapore

Your product is listed in the prohibited items list that is not allowed to be sold in Singapore, for complete list of prohibited items, please refer in the attachment in the bottom of the article. 


2. Product content contains prohibited keywords

Your product name, description and/or highlights contain words that are deemed prohibited to be displayed to the Lazada customers due to cultural sensitivity, or/and is a part of a word of a prohibited item. 


3. Product is only authorized to be sold by specific sellers

The product that you have listed to sell is only allowed to be sold by specific sellers due to exclusivity agreements or brand partnerships. For more information regarding this, please contact your key account managers or our Partner Support Centre.


What is the Quality Check (QC) process for my newly added or edited products?

Quality Check (QC) is a process where Lazada’s dedicated agents review newly-created listings before they are visible at the website. This process is to ensure that image and content are in accordance with Lazada’s guidelines. If all requirements are met, your SKUs will be listed at within 2 to 3 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). Please note that edited SKUs are subject to QC reviews as well. Our QC agents have the right to reject existing listings if the content and image changes do not adhere to Lazada’s guidelines.

You can find products that are rejected from quality check process in the "Manage Products" tab, under "Poor Quality" in Seller Center. Make the necessary edits based on the rejection reason provided, and submit once updates are made. This will again prompt the quality check process.

Where you can see reasons why it was rejected for you to modify whatever needs to be fixed. If done with the editing, it will undergo quality approval again for verification, and then it will finally go live. The quality check process would take 1 day.


Why are my products getting rejected?

There are various reasons that permits your product to be rejected by our quality control team. These are the rejection reasons and their justifications:

1. Wrong categorization at Level 1.

Definition: Your product is not categorized in the correct main category and therefore it will affect searchability of your sku in the website. For more assistance on categorization, you may refer to our Category Tree (Download from Seller Center: Products > Add Products > Import > Download Category Tree).


2. Missing or inaccurate package dimension & weight.

Definition: The package dimensions and weight you have provided are not accurate and therefore needs to be ammended. No 0 value is allowed in each parameter.


3. Including links in product description is not allowed. Please remove any hyperlinks available.

Definition: We dont allow clickable links to be in the product content as it will affect the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your product page and also potentially diverting your potential customers to another page, risking of your product not to be bought. You can only insert links to another Lazada page which consist of items that are sold by your store.


4. Please include warranty information

Definition: Warranty information that is provided in the product content should consist of both warranty type and warranty period for customers to easily understand the warranty policy offered.


5. Product price seems inaccurate. Please review product price to ensure accuracy or kindly contact Partner Support Center if the price is accurate.

Definition: If your product price seems too vague or illogical for the items that you are selling, it will be rejected. 


6. This product has a Sale Price that represents more than 80% discount when compared to the Price. This discount level appears to be too high. Please review to ensure accuracy of price and kindly contact Partner Support Center if the price is accurate.

Definition: We dont allow a product to have more than 80% discount reduction for sale price, as it would be potentially a counterfeit or not a genuine item. If your product is supposed to have that price due to special sale or etc, please contact your respective key account managers or our Partner Support Centre.


7. This product is not allowed to be sold on Lazada due to exclusivity agreements.

Definition: Some brands that are sold in Lazada have exclusivity agreements and are only allowed to be sold by the sellers verified by the brands themselves.


8. This product has been suspected for violating our brand-related policies. If you believe that the brand is accurate, kindly contact Partner Support Center.

Definition: Some brands restrict their products to be sold by non-authorized sellers.


9. This product is not allowed to be sold on Lazada due to our policy on used and pre-owned items

Definition: Lazada restricts products that are used or pre-owned as the quality of the product is questionable. 


10. Offensive images including nudity or obscenity are not allowed. Please provide a new product image.

Definition: We are making sure that our selling platform is as user friendly as possible, catering to thousands of customers of various backgrounds and ages. Therefore we restrict any product images that seem to be inappropriate for viewing. The guideline are as follows:

i. Image must not show human private parts (male and female). In case of sensual toys, toys should not be in form of lifelike human private parts. 

ii. Image must not depict any controversial symbols that relates to terrorism, racism or political parties (eg: Nazi, ISIS, Ku Klux Klan etc.)

iii. Image must not show images that makes fun or parodying any public figures, religions and beliefs. 


11. Possible Counterfeit

Definition: Lazada has no compromise with products that are replicas or fake imitations of products of an original brand. Below are the guidelines that define what is meant by being counterfeit:

i. Brand field and content of product shouldn't be contradicting.

Example: If brand field states a brand name that is not the same as the one stated in the product description or highlights of the SKU




ii. Main image shows a product of a prominent brand but the brand field states OEM/Unbranded/Unspecified



It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sell only authentic products and to immediately deactivate any product that is in violation of our guidelines:

1. Items that apply a trademark (e.g. a brand or character logo) on the product, the product packaging, or anywhere in relation with the product, without authorization by the trademark owner.
2. Items that contain specific design elements (e.g. cartoon characters or colorways) protected by a trademark, without the authorization by the trademark owner.
3. Items that bear such similarities with other products that they are likely to deceive buyers into thinking they are made or sold by the owner of the other product's brand (e.g. a replica of a branded item with or without altered logos).
4. Items that are in violation of any local country laws in which they are sold

In case of doubt we advise you to talk to the manufacturer and/or distributor of the products, and to your legal advisors. Lazada will collaborate closely with brand owners, its customers and the authorities to prevent the sale of counterfeit items.


12. Misuse of intellectual property

Here at Lazada, we strive to give our customers the best products that you, our sellers, have to offer. In doing so, it is important to make sure that all uploaded information remain authentic and in line with Lazada's legal rules for uploading information, otherwise, these will be marked as Counterfeit and will face serious legal consequences.


Using images without consent

If you plan to use images from the internet or images that were not photographed by you or your staff, make sure that you are authorized to use these images.



A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks may appear on product photos or may be visible on the product itself. Before using an image with a trademark, make sure that these images are free for you to use without any legal consequences.


Specified Design Elements

Similar to a trademark, some items have world-reknown design elements (cartoon characters, colorways, and specific patterns) that are exclusive for use only by its creators and / or owners. Using these design elements wiithout consent may cause legal problems for you as well as Lazada so make sure that you have proper authorization for these visuals.



Items which bear a likeness with other items cause problems in the form of IP Infringement. To recognize IP Infringement you can go through the following checklist:

Is the item / item image identical with, or substantially indistinguishable from the genuine item?

Is the item / item image likely to cause confusion?

Is the item / item image deceiving to the customer into thinking that it is a genuine product?


If your item / upload marks yes on any of the questions above, you may need to re-evaluate it. Uploading items with IP infringement issues have serious legal consequences to both you and Lazada and will not be tolerated on any level. 


Local Country Laws

Each Lazada venture has its own set of permissible items. Before uploading your items / photos, make sure that they are allowed to be sold in Singapore, otherwise, these will be taken down immediately.


If you need any clarifications about any of the guidelines stated above, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


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